Thanksgiving is more than that holiday before Christmas, it's a great day to spend time with family and eat as much food as we can get away with.  Traditional Thanksgiving meal is centered around a big Turkey and paired with sides such as Green Beans, Baked or Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Collard Greens, Cranberry Sauce, and of course, we all know that one family member who can't wait to dive into the pies that are supposed to be for dessert.

Checkout These South Jersey Craft Drinks To Pair With Your Thanksgiving Meal

If you are someone who needs a stiff drink to get through Thanksgiving with your family or you just enjoy pairing an adult beverage with your meals, why not support local businesses while you drink this holiday season? Here are some options that you can find at Cape May County Craft Producers that you can bring to Thanksgiving Diner. Whether or not you share any with your family members, that is your prerogative.

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

Top 10 Things To Do This Off-Season in Cape May, NJ Area

Anyone who has lived in Cape May County knows that even though half the businesses close during the winter, the locals still love living in this area for many reasons. As someone who has lived in Cape May County for over 20 years, here are some of my favorite activities to do in the offseason:

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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