In today's world where people are concerned about Climate Change and how Property Redevelopment impacts the environment, many people are trying to find ways to stop the destruction of nature.

I remember when I was in Elementary School, they would teach us about the importance of planting trees. Since trees absorb Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen, they are one of the most important plants on earth. The more trees we have, the healthier nature around us will be and we were always taught that a surplus of trees can help offset carbon emissions.

One South Jersey town has spearheaded a plan to put more trees in their community to help the environment. Sea Isle City Environmental Commission is having a Tree Raffle to plant new trees on the properties of the winners.

Sea Isle City Offering New Ways To Help The Environment

According to a Press Release from Sea Isle City's Department of Community Services, The Tree Raffle is open to Property Owners and Residents of the South Jersey Coastal Community.

There will be 20 winners picked as part of a random drawing on June 1st.
Winners of the contest will get their pick of these three trees to be planted on their property:

*Crepe Myrtle (pink flowers, July to September)
*Limelight Hydrangea (lime green/cream/pink flowers)
*Little Gem Magnolia (green all year; flowers spring to late fall)

This is a great idea to get more trees planted and I hope other South Jersey towns can follow this model. This is supposed to be "The Garden State" but it seems like I see trees being cut down all the time for redevelopment and construction projects.

Sea Isle City, New Jersey planting new Crepe Myrtle Trees
Photo by Bryan Dickerson on Unsplash

Do You Want A New Tree On Your Sea Isle City Property?

If you are a Property owner in Sea Isle City or a year-round resident, you can submit an online entry form by visiting the Sea Isle City Environmental Commission page here. You can also fill out an entry form in person at the Sea Isle City Welcome Center or Sea Isle City Hall, both located on JFK Boulevard.

Whether you have lived in Sea Isle City or have been a frequent vacationer to the Jersey Shore Town, here are some of the businesses and popular spots that used to be on the island.  How many of these do you remember?

Remember These Places That Use To Be In Sea Isle City, New Jersey

Thanks in part to the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Sea Isle City has seen many changes over the years. Whether you grew up in South Jersey or vacationed multiple summers in Sea Isle City, you may remember some of these buildings and businesses that no longer exist. Which ones below do you remember most? (Special Thank you to the Sea Isle Historical Museum for helping me get these pictures and information)

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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