There is a saying in sports that suggests, they wanted it more.

While it is hard to quantify that statement, it sure seemed that way yesterday in the Sixers loss to the Knicks.

In the final 5-minutes of the game, it appeared the Knicks just wanted it more than the Sixers, who looked gassed and discombobulated in the games most important minutes.

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"We just couldn’t get in a rhythm offensively as far as what we wanted to run, a couple of times," said Sixers guard Tyrese Maxey.

Watching the Sixers late in Game 4 brought up memories of past playoff failures. Poor execution, giving up second chances, and lack of communication has the Sixers on the brink of elimination entering Tuesday nights Game 5 in New York.

Sixers star Joel Embiid seemed gassed at the end of the game, playing every minute of the second half for the first time in his career. The Knicks changed their defensive strategy on him, using OG Anunoby has the primary defender on him.

"OG [Anunoby] can obviously guard. It’s that and the scheme as well," explained Sixers head coach Nick Nurse.

Using Anunoby pushed Embiid to the perimeter,  and off the foul line, causing Embiid to settle for jump shots where he went 0-6 with Anunoby as the primary defender. In addition to that, the Knicks were trapping Embiid, forcing the ball from his hands, making the Sixers secondary players beat them, and they couldn't on Sunday.

"We just didn't make shots, Embiid said. Basketball is a lot about making shots. I thought we created them and sometimes we make them and sometimes we don’t."

The team went 0-11 from the field in the final 5-minutes of the game.

Now to advance, the Sixers will be to do something they've never done, win a series when they are down 3-0.  They are 0-17 when trailing a best-of-seven series 3-1.

Game 5 is set for Tuesday night.  We're about to see who wants it more. Do the Sixers show some fight and extend the series, or are they ready to go home and prepare for the offseason?

The Knicks haven't closed out a series on their home court since 1999.

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