The Philadelphia Phillies FINALLY played a baseball game! Sadly, they faced Gerrit Cole and the New York Yankees. This 6-3 loss seemed inevitable.

Jake Arrieta pitched five innings, allowed seven hits, and recorded four strikeouts. He was at 78 pitches and Joe Girardi made the decision to go to the bullpen.

There is no doubt that I would have let him pitch the sixth inning. It feels like Girardi and this coaching staff would rather get certain players to throw in the bullpen than win the game.

Arrieta wasn't perfect by any means. He did allow a home-run to DJ LeMahieu to start the game and to Brett Gardner in the bottom of the third, but I would rather see Arrieta go back out over Deolis Guerra going on the mound.

After Guerro walking Aaron Hicks, he hit Giacarlo Stanton with a pitch, and Gio Urshela hit a three-run bomb to blow the game wide open.

There was a rain delay where the game was essentially over from there even though Adam Haseley and Jean Segura hit in a couple runs.

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