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Here is today’s show: Friday November 2nd, 2012.

Margate Bridge Charging?!?

Mike and Todd open up "The Sportsbash" talking about The Margate Bridge Company charging people for entering and exiting the city of Margate while they are trying to get back into their homes and assess the damage. The bridge later rescinded the toll and it is now free until at least tomorrow. Still, yesterday's social network outrage proved just how effective it can be.

Injury Report

Our resident Injury Expert, Joe DeRosa, called in to talk about the latest injuries effecting the sports world.

NYC Marathon

Our Eagles Insider, Ryan Messick, a resident of New York City came on with a rant on Mayor Bloomberg's decision to still hold the New York City Marathon this weekend when the whole city and all of it's boroughs are still under water with no power/water.

6-Pack of Picks

Todd Ranck (11-12-1): Bucs +2, Colts +2 1/2, Texans -10

Mike Gill (12-10-2): Bears -3 1/2, Broncos -3 1/2, Falcons -3

Barry Melrose Talks Lockout

ESPN Barry Melrose called in to talk about the NHL Lockout as they have canceled the Winter Classic. Melrose said he is shocked that they actually canceled it because that was one game that could keep both sides together. "This could wind up being an all-year thing here, the owners are very serious," Melrose said. The main issues, according to Melrose are: the contracts and the maximum length that they can be.

Pete’s Picks

Pete’s Picks returns for another season on The Sportsbash. This year Mike and Todd go head-to-head in a match up of Sunday NFL games.

1. Cardinals +10 @ Packers

2. Ravens -4 @ Browns

3. Panthers +3 @ Redskins

4. Steelers +3 @ Giants

5. Vikings +4 @ Seahawks

Todd Ranck (19-15-1): Packers, Ravens, Redskins, Steelers, Vikings

Mike Gill (17-17-1): Packers, Browns, Panthers, Steelers, Seahawks

Dave Weinberg

Dave Weinberg, Press of Atlantic City, called in to talk about the Eagles/Saints game and the players only meeting Mike Vick called this week. Weinberg doesn't really have an answer as to why the Eagle came out so flat against the Falcons. Follow Dave Weinberg on Twitter.

Top Tweets

It's a Friday edition of Top Tweets!

KC Joyner

Talked with KC Joyner on the Eagles/Saints MNF matchup here and he confirmed for us that the Saints defense is abysmal. We didn't need confirmation for this, but it's just reaffirmation in case you had no idea. Joyner believes that the Eagles are still putting too much offense through Mike Vick and they need to involve LeSean McCoy much more. Read more from KC Joyner here.

5 Questions

1. At what point is Nick Foles starting?

2. What would you do if you were Roger Goodell/CBS about Steelers/Giants?

3. What position should Phillies go after?

4. Are you okay with marathon being canceled?

5. What do you usually do with your extra hour of time when we set clocks back an hour?

Pete Giordano is the producer of “The Sportsbash,” e-mail him: 973espn@gmail.com