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Monday April 29th, 2013.

Mort Report

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL the defensive players drafted by the Eagles?

2. BUY or SELL Ilya Bryzgalov sounding off to the media?


Scott Wright called in to recap the NFL Draft over the weekend. Wright called the Eagles pick of Matt Barkley "the shock of the draft" and Barkley would have been picked in the 12st round last season. The Eagles only invested a fourth round pick and it could be a good marriage because there isnt a long term solution there already. On Zach Ertz: Wright called him a 'playmaker,' something that Chip Kelly is looking to add on this team as Brent Celek hasn't been that productive the last few seasons. Ertz won't be a good blocker, but pass catching wise it was a good pick for the Eagles.

Top Tweets

A Monday edition of top tweets!

Garry Paskwietz

ESPN LA covering the Trojans called in to give us some insight on Matt Barkley and how he'll translate to the NFL. Paskwietz said that although he doesn't have the arm strength right now, but he called him "solid as a rock' and Chip Kelly knows that firsthand. Paskwietz said that Barkley is just a notch below other USC QBS because of the way the others finished, but the situation with him on the Eagles is one where he doesn't have to start right away. Visit

David Shaw

Stanford Cardinal coach called in to talk about Zach Ertz being drafted by the Eagles. Shaw said that the fans of the Eagles will love the way he plays because he works hard and during games he's a matchup nightmare for defenses. Shaw said that Ertz can play in any formation and thats the problem he presents. Shaw also talked about what it was like coaching against Chip Kelly in the Pac-12. Shaw said that Kelly's style really put a lot of pressure on opposing defenses and offenses because youre always trying to keep up with the tempo.

5 Questions

1. Do you like where Eagles drafted Matt Barkley compared to EJ Manuel and Geno Smith?

2. Are you concerned with the shoulder injury of Matt Barkley?

3. Phillies sweep of Mets do anything for you?

4.Amnesty Bryz?

5. Amnesty Briere?

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