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Thursday May 2nd, 2013.

Bob Stoops

OU Sooners head coach Bob Stoops called in today and gave Mike and Todd his thoughts on the Eagles drafting of Lane Johnson. Stoops knew Johnson would be a first round pick his senior season. 'Once we moved him to tackle he fit in really well there,' Stoops said. Stoops is also a close friend of Chip Kelly and believes the adjustment for him going to the pro game will go both ways. Kelly will have to see if his up-tempo offense will work as it did at Oregon, but the NFL will adjust to an innovative Kelly.

Dave Isaac

Our Flyers insider Dave Isaac gave us his blueprint for what the Flyers need to do in their off season to return to the playoffs. Isaac does believe that Ilya Bryzgalov will be back next season despite what Steve Mason did in goal the last few games of the regular season. But their arent many A-list free agents out there this time around like there was last year so any big move would have to come by trade. Follow Dave Isaac on Twitter.

Adam Caplan

NFL reporter Adam Caplan called in to give us his take on the Eagles draft. Caplan believes there are 4-5 players from this 2013 class that will make an immediate impact this season including Zach Ertz and Jordan Poyer. The selection of Matt Barkley is understandable to Caplan as now Chip Kelly has multiple different styles in QBS and doesn't have to implement his Oregon offensive scheme full throttle. Follow Caplan on Twitter.

---Pete Giordano