Today on 'The Sportsbash' Mike Gill asked Todd Ranck if he ever had caught a baseball during a game.

Ranck said yes, but didnt remember where he was and it was at that point, we had the next four hours of content.

Dozens of calls and text messages were received from listeners who shared stories of where they were, who they were with and their experiences of grabbing a souvenir at a game.

Zack Hample, is a major league baseball collector and called in to talk about the over 6,000 baseballs he has collected over the years from over 50 major league baseball stadiums.

Hample said he has caught exactly 29 home run balls and over 150 foul balls during his time attending games, others being collected at batting practice, post game, etc.

Pairing with BIGS Sunflower Seeds, Hample will embark on a challenge of collecting a baseball from all 30 ballparks this summer. For every stadium Hample achieves his goal, BIGS will donate $500 to charity.

Needless to say when hearing about the fact that Ranck had no idea as to when or where he snagged the foul ball, Hample called 'shenanigans' on Ranck.

Hample even gives tips on how to grab a souvenir at Citizens Bank Park.

Follow Hample and his journey this summer on Twitter.