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 Here is today’s show: Monday October 21st 2013

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Talks about the loss of the Eagles yesterday to the hand of the Cowboys and what kind of QB Nick Foles is. Brooks believes that Foles is more of the QB we saw yesterday against the Cowboys as opposed to who we saw at Tampa. Brooks predicted a strong effort by the Eagles defense which came true yesterday. Brooks also thinks that Chip Kelly will go back to Mike Vick against the Giants if indeed he is healthy to do so. Follow Brooks on Twitter.

Follow G. Cobb on Twitter. Called in to talk about the Eagles loss to the Cowboys as well as the poor performance by Nick Foles. Cobb said if Foles even plays a mediocre game that the Eagles would have a good chance to win the game. Cobb also talked about the play of the defense, which came up big, albeit on a wasted effort by an offense that couldn't score a touchdown.

It's a Monday edition of top tweets!

Philadelphia Inquirer on for his weekly spot at 5:40 called in to talk about the Eagles loss against the Cowboys. McLane wrote today that Mike Vick is the Eagles best bet at quarterback for the rest of this season, at least. McLane also said on Twitter today that Nick Foles was most at fault in Sunday's game and the offensive line wasnt as bad as originally thought. In fact, McLane said that '99 percent' of the loss can be put on Foles. Follow McLane on Twitter.

1. What’s your best offer right now for the #1 overall pick next year?

2. Right now, handicap it, who is the Eagles opening day starter next year? Vick, Foles, Barkley, Draft Pick or Other?

3. What was the biggest silver lining yesterday?

4. Grade Chip Kelly through 7 games.

5. Kim Kardashian is 33 today. Would you date her? (Ray J, Kris Humphries, Kanye West)