Real Refs Are Back, Rejoice!

Mike and Todd open Thursday's show with a few jabs, especially from Mike to our Eagles Insider Ryan Messick. The real referees are finally back beginning tonight for the Ravens/Browns game. Mike and Todd continue their discussions on the referees and want they expect from them this season.


KC Joyner

Talked with KC Joyner, Football Scientist, here about the replacement referees and the Eagles upcoming game against the Giants. Joyner is not a big fan of Vick and still thinks he thinks he's playing playground football with the way he holds the ball out there.


Jeff Pasquino

Our Fantasy Football Insider Jeff Pasquino joins us every Thursday at 2:45 to help set your fantasy football lineup for that week. Starts, Sits, Sleepers, and Waiver Wires are all right here:


Jim Daopoulos

Former NFL Official and Supervisor Jim Daopoulos called in to talk about the settlement of the NFLRA Labor Dispute. "Cooler heads prevailed and we were able to get these guys back on the field when we needed them," he said. One of the big differences Daopoulos told us about the regular officials and replacements were the replacements were out on an island by themselves with no leadership. Daolpoulos also said to expect a standing ovation up until the kickoff and when the first mistake is made. The big thing is that there is "integrity and confidence" now out on the field.


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL the job coaches/players did acting towards the replacement referees?

2. BUY the next Philly athlete that will be the next player to have his # retired?

3. BUY or SELL the NFLRA winning?


Ryan Messick

Our Eagles Insider Ryan Messick was at Eagles practice today at Novacare. A few players did not participate in practice including Colt Anderson, King Dunlap and Jon Dorenbos. Messick isn't quite sure about the Eagles plan to run the ball Sunday night, he says to wait and see.


Top Tweets

It's a Thursday edition of Top Tweets!


Brian Dawkins

An Eagles legend joined the program today in Brian Dawkins. Dawkins will have his No. 20 retired Sunday night when the Eagles host the Giants on Sunday Night Football. Mike Gill asks Dawkins a number things about the Eagles season thus far and if Andy Reid should be fired if the Eagles fail to reach the playoffs.


5 Questions

1. Who covers tonight?

2. Which Eagles injury are you most worried about?

3. On Darin Ruf?

4. More likely to survive: Spider bite/Snake bite?

5. If you could go anywhere in the world for one night, where are you going?


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