The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the most popular teams in the NFL this year, so much so that the league decided to make their upcoming matchup with the Seattle Seahawks the first game Flexed out of Sunday and to now be played on Monday Night Football.

Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The Eagles have four games this season that are in the Top Ten Most Watched NFL Games this season through NFL Week 12.  That is more than the Dallas Cowboys (3) and Kansas City Chiefs (3):

1. Washington at Dallas 41.76 Million viewers
2. Green Bay at Detroit 33.70 Million
3. Buffalo at Philadelphia 30.90 Million
4. Philadelphia at Kansas City 28.69 Million
5. Dallas at Philadelphia 27.14 Million
6. Philadelphia at NY Jets 26.09 Million
7. Bengals at SF 26.06 Million
8. NY Jets at Dallas 25.78 Million
9. KC at NY Jets 24.83 Million
10. Detroit at KC 24.75 Million

So should we be surprised that two Philadelphia Players are in the Top Ten NFL Jersey Sales this year?  According to the Official NFL Shop, Quarterback Jalen Hurts is the Number One Selling Current Player Jerseys in the league and his Kelly Green Jersey is currently outselling the Hurts' Midnight Green Jersey.

Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The other Eagles player on the top ten list is First Team All-Pro Center Jason Kelce, which is not surprising either considering his growing popularity on Social Media and having one of the most listened-to Podcasts on iTunes.  Kelce is the fourth highest selling Jersey in the NFL and what is interesting is that his Kelly Green Jersey sells higher with Women while Midnight Green is the highest selling for Men.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

There are four teams with two players on the Top Ten Highest Selling Jerseys in the NFL this season: the Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, and Kansas City Chiefs. Here's the full list:

1. Jalen Hurts (Eagles)
2. Micah Parsons (Cowboys)
3. Brock Purdy (49ers)
4. Jason Kelce (Eagles)
5. Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)
6. Christian McCaffrey (49ers)
7. Travis Kelce (Chiefs)
8. Justin Jefferson (Vikings)
9. Josh Allen (Bills)
10. CeeDee Lamb (Cowboys)

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs
Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Philadelphia's popularity isn't just with current players.  According to Fanatics, Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Eagles Safety Brian Dawkins is the ten highest-selling jersey among retired NFL players. The Eagles Legend is one of four players with multiple versions of his jersey in the top 20: Dawkins' Black Jersey is the tenth-highest-selling jersey and his Midnight Green Jersey is the 12th-highest-selling jersey.

Brian Dawkins Photos from Getty Images
Brian Dawkins Photos from Getty Images

The three other retired players with multiple jerseys on the top 20 list are Dolphins All-Time Great Quarterback Dan Marino (Legacy Cream is 11th, Throwback White is 16th, Aqua is 20th) Future Hall of Famer Tom Brady (Patriots Navy is number one and Patriots Throwback Red is 9th), and Football Legend Bo Jackson (Black Raiders Jersey is 13th and White Raiders Jersey is 18th). Here is the full list courtesy of Fanatics:

1. Tom Brady (Patriots - Navy)
2. Emmitt Smith (Cowboys - White with Blue Shoulders)
3. Charles Woodson (Raiders - Throwback Cream)
4. Troy Polamalu (Steelers - Black)
5. Jim Brown (Browns - Throwback Cream with Brownie the Elf on the front)
6. Lawrence Taylor (Giants - Royal Blue)
7. Walter Payton (Bears - Throwback Navy)
8. Deion Sanders (Falcons - Black)
9. Tom Brady (Patriots - Throwback Red)
10. Brian Dawkins (Eagles - Black)
11. Dan Marino (Dolphins - Cream)
12. Brian Dawkins (Eagles - Midnight Green)
13. Bo Jackson (Raiders - Black)
14. Steve Largent (Seahawks - Throwback Royal Blue)
15. Jerry Rice (49ers - Cream)
16. Dan Marino (Dolphins - Throwback White)
17. John Elway (Broncos - 1990's Orange)
18. Bo Jackson (Raiders - Cream)
19. Reggie White (Eagles - Kelly Green)
20. Dan Marino (Dolphins Aqua)

So the only people spending more money on their favorite team's Jersey than Eagles fans seems to be Dallas Cowboys fans, to which I say "Good for them".

Where to watch Eagles Games in Atlantic and Cape May Counties

If you are an Eagles fan, you want to cheer on your team with your fellow Philly Sports Fans! So for those who love to sing "Fly Eagles Eagles" and chant E-A-G-L-E-S, here are some places in Atlantic and Cape May Counties where you can watch the game at

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