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Thursday February 14th 2013.

Is Ryan Howard overpaid?

Mike and Todd start the show by talking about Ryan Howard, who spoke to the media today in Clearwater. He's recovering from his injury and by all accounts, he feels "phenomenal." Mike Gill thinks Howard is paid market value and the Phillies actually made a smart move by signing him long term when they did because Howard would have net $200 M on the open market. Todd Ranck believes he strikes out too much for the money compared to other players.

Ryan Lawrence

Covers the Phillies for thew Daily News called in to talk about the Howard conversation and what hes been seeing thus far in Clearwater. Lawrence said that isnt a perfect player, not too many are. Lawrence also said that the big man does look good and looked good when they saw him speak today. Lawrence also answers questions about the Phillies lineup and who could be hitting behind Ryan Howard for at least the first 25 games while Carlos Ruiz is suspended. Follow Lawrence on Twitter.


Another edition of #askmikeandtodd

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL this Dennis Dixon move as more bad news for Nick Foles?

2. BUY or SELL Tom Gamble as Eagles best hire?

3. BUY or SELL the Josh Smith trade?

Eagles Sign Dennis Dixon

It's been rumored for weeks, but its now official that the Eagles have signed Dennis Dixon to a 2-year contract. Mike Gill talked about that and more with our Eagles Insider Ryan Messick at 4:30.

Top Tweets

It's a Thursday, Happy Valentine's Day edition of top tweets!

5 Questions

1. Phillies win total?

2. Is Dixon more likely to compete for a job or be a backup and option weapon?

3. What is the best solution to keep college players from taking too big of an injury risk while keeping them from going pro too early?

4. We’re always talking about random holidays, and aside from today being valentine’s day it’s also recognized as Ferris Wheel Day, Library Lovers Day, National Call in Single Day and Quirky Alone Day… Which of those is your favorite?

5. Some guys like going all out on Valentines Day, some ignore it, some hate it with a passion. Where do you come down on Valentine’s Day?

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