The struggles of Roy Halladay continues.

Monday night against the Mets the Phillies former ace lasted just four innings and allowing 7 earned runs.

His ERA has ballooned to 14.73, while carrying a 2.45 WHIP.

Matt Gelb, Philadelphia Inquirer and Doug Glanville both joined "The Sportsbash" on Tuesday to discuss Halladay's struggles and his new reality.

'At some point you have to realize that this may be your new reality, sometimes ego gets in the way of that," Glanville told Mike Gill.

Gelb commented on Halladay's 'soul-searching' press conference he had with the media after the game where Halladay told reporters his struggles are '95 percent mental.'

"It's a physical issue. He cannot get the ball to do what it used to do," Gelb said.

Could a trip to the DL be in the future?

Gelb told Gill that nothing can be done just yet, but if he continues to struggle badly he has been, it's possible.

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel did tell reporters on Tuesday that extended Spring Training was considered although nothing was serious.

Halladay is next schedule to pitch on Sunday afternoon at Miami.

Matt Gelb, Philadelphia Inquirer:

Doug Glanville, ESPN: