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Tuesday March 12th, 2013.

Sports Bucket List

Mike and Todd went over their sports bucket lists with a promotion we will be starting this week. We also invited our listeners to tweet and text in their sporting events they would love to be in attendance for. Be sure to check back on our website for blog posts to find out our sports bucket list!

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL your concern for Roy Halladay?

2. BUY your best CB for the Eagles?

Bobby Martin

Was able to catch up with legendary Atlantic City High School basketball star Bobby Martin today. Martin was a standout at ACHS and then went on to play years at Pitt as well. Martin talks about what it's like to be a player at Atlantic High and how proud he is of this current team who just won their second straight state title and will play in the Tournament of Champions this week. Martin also talks about the dismantling of the Big East, a conference in which he played several years in.


Top Tweets

It's a Tuesday edition of top tweets!

James Casey to Eagles?

The Eagles could be landing Texans TE/FB/H-Back James Casey as one of their free agent acquisitions. Casey is a very fast, athletic and versatile player who can play multiple positions, especially in a spread offense that Chip Kelly likes to run. Both Mike Gill and our Eagles insider Ryan Messick like Casey for the Eagles.

5 Questions

1. Where will Asomugha go?

2. No title sponsor for college football playoffs…How long will that last?

3. Is this a disappointing start to the Eagles free agency?

4. Best prank call you’ve ever made?

5. If you were a free agent, who would you hire as your agent from Sports Bash?

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