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Wednesday, December 20th 2012.

Leonard Weaver

Former Eagles FB Leonard Weaver called in to talk about the Eagles upcoming game tomorrow night against the Bengals. On the Eagles victory last weekend against the Bucs: "It was an amazing win and give the Eagles all the credit on the last play, it was an incredible throw by Nick Foles." Weaver also said the playbook is starting to expand for Foles and Weaver has liked his progression. Follow Weaver on Twitter.

Fine 5/Ugly 5

Mike and Todd go over 5 best and 5 worst teams in the NFL through Week 14.

Marc Jackson

Sixers analyst for CSN Philly. Mike Gill and Todd Ranck have been arguing about the Andrew Bynum and whether the Sixers got "taken" in the trade. Jackson says he can see why people would think that because Bynum hasn't been on the floor at all this season. Jackson also agrees with Todd in that he wouldn't do the trade over again if Bynum doesn't play at all because the Sixers will be a quick out in the playoffs. Follow Jackson on Twitter.

Jon Morosi

MLB reporter for Fox Sports called in to talk about the Phillies hot stove. Morosi said he'd take the Alfonso Soriano Domonic Brown exchange "in a second." Soriano is an adventure in LF sometimes, but offensively Soriano had a great year last season. Domonic Brown hasn't shown or given you a reason to start in LF over players like Darin Ruf or John Mayberry. Morosi also like the Michael Young trade, in that he fits in well with that clubhouse. Young is almost like a Derek Jeter type because he's that smart of a player with a good swing. Follow Morosi on Twitter.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL Michael Young over Kevin Youkolis?

2. BUY or SELL a crime problem in the NFL?

3. BUY or SELL 12/12/12?

Top Tweets

Thursday's edition of top tweets!


Mike Gill talks about a few rumors going around the hot stove these days. One deal would be a 3-year contract to Josh Hamilton worth $80 million. Another deal floated out there is a Domonic Brown trade to Chicago for Alfonso Soriano. Mike Gill seems to like the Soriano trade because he can drive in some runs behind Ryan Howard.

5 Questions

1. Agree with Eagles Mike Patterson move "classless?"

2. Will a short, less intense practice help the Eagles tomorrow night?

3. Poinsettia or Poinsetta?

4. Did the high school coach run up the score? 107-2.

5. Do you care more about 12/12/12, Poinsettia Day or Gingerbread House Day?

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