Chuck Fletcher

Alain Vigneault on Flyers: ‘The Goal Hasn’t Changed’
From the beginning, Alain Vigneault had set the goal that the Flyers would at the very least be one of the 16 teams that has a chance to win the Stanley Cup and qualify for the playoffs. While the dynamic of the playoffs may change, Vigneault says that the goals remain in place.
Hayes’ Personality Shines Through Off the Ice Too
By now, everyone knows of the viral videos of Kevin Hayes and his nicknames for teammates or mic'd up moments on the ice this season. During the NHL's current suspension of play, Hayes is letting that personality shine off the ice, and fans have Chuck Fletcher to thank for it shining throu…
Flyers Run Prior to Pause a Clear Sign Window is Just Opening
It remains a mystery at this point if and when the season will return. Who knows how much of a regular season will be left after this suspension? Who knows what the playoffs will look like? But whenever the league comes out of this stoppage and gets back to playing, let it be known that the Flyers w…
NHL’s Pause Brings Two Sides of Perspective to Flyers Fans
It was only natural to feel disappointment that the NHL season was put on pause at a time when the Flyers were the hottest team in the league. But for the sake of one of the driving forces behind the success and unity of this year's team, it was a necessary stoppage that provided a lot of persp…

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