Chuck Fletcher

Flyers Day 6 Phase 3 Update: The Mysterious Absence
Moments before the team took the ice for the scrimmage on Saturday, GM Chuck Fletcher announced that Jake Voracek was “unable to participate." According to the NHL’s protocol, that is the only update teams are able to give on absent players. So there is no knowledge if Voracek…
Flyers Day 1 Phase 3 Update: Back to Business
The Flyers were back on the ice for Day 1 of Phase 3 training camps as they prepare for the return to play and the 24-team playoff that is about to take place and the first practice was a test of conditioning to evaluate where each player is after a four-month pause.
Alain Vigneault on Flyers: ‘The Goal Hasn’t Changed’
From the beginning, Alain Vigneault had set the goal that the Flyers would at the very least be one of the 16 teams that has a chance to win the Stanley Cup and qualify for the playoffs. While the dynamic of the playoffs may change, Vigneault says that the goals remain in place.

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