Santa Claus

Why Did Eagles Fans Boo & Throw Snowballs at Santa?
It was a cold winter day in 1968 and Philadelphia Eagles fans were not happy.
So how the story goes as to what happened to Santa Claus during a halftime show against the Minnesota Vikings at Franklin Field. He was also pelted with snowballs from angry fans.
Here's Harry K Reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'
Late Philadelphia Phillies announcer Harry Kalas had some pipes.
You've heard him with is hundreds of home run calls throughout the years, even singing 'High Hopes.'
Another thing Kalas is remembered for here locally is the reading of Christmas poem "Twas the Night Before Chris…
12 Santas Who Might Be Drunk
Even though Santa has an awesome job, it can be super stressful at times. Sure he's a jolly ol' guy who gives out presents for a living, but when Christmas Eve rolls around, things can get really tricky. If you think about it, the guy has to pull off delivering like, millions and millions of present…
Mike Krenek’s One Sentence Thought O’ The Day
Each day, I will be providing you, the LUCKY readers of, with a peek into my innermost thoughts and most private confessions. I will be doing so in one-sentence form, so as to make this as digestible as possible. Heavy dosages of the Mind of Mike Krenek can cause some NASTY side-effe…