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Did You See the TJ McConnell Inbound Pass?
The Philadelphia 76ers were blown out once again last night in Atlanta.
The team gave up a season-high 127 points and their record worsened to a league worst 1-26.
Not that it matters, but point guard TJ McConnell had one of the worst inbound passes you'll see in an NBA game.
Bob Cooney Discusses His Joel Embiid Report: Bone is Rebroken
Monday 7.20.15 on The Sports Bash:
Bob Cooney called in to talk about his latest report about the "setback" involving Joel Embiid. Cooney reported that Embiid suffered another break in the navicular bone in his right foot, which is contrary to some of the information the Sixers have…
Report: Joel Embiid Suffered Another Break in Right Foot
According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Joel Embiid re-broke the navicular bone in his right foot and is set for surgery "any day" now.
This directly contradicts what the Philadelphia 76ers announced some short time ago in that Embiid's foot suffered "less healing th…
76ers Draft Grade: Were They Losers?
When you have the best low-post player slip to you in the draft it should be a blessing, right?
That's what happened in Thursday night's draft when the Los Angeles Lakers -- to the surprise of some --- not to tall, decided to take Ohio State freshman guard D'Angelo Russell second overa…
Report: Sixers Showed Willingness to Listen on Embiid for Trade
In his press conference following the trade of Michael Carter-Williams, Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie used the word "unblinkingly."
He used that term when describing his desire to build a championship caliber team and having no qualms whatsoever in trading any of his players if …
Sixers New Slogan: “It Starts Now”
The Sixers rebuilding plan is starting to take shape on the marketing side.
The team released a new marketing slogan this week and "Together We Build" will be eliminated.
Instead, "This Starts Now" will takeover in 2016 which could give us an idea about what the tea…

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