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 Here is today’s show:Tuesday February 11th 2014

Kevin Cooney

Phillies reporter Kevin Cooney is down in Clearwater, FL covering the start of Phillies Spring Training! Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow and Cooney joined Mike and Todd to talk about what we should expect down in Florida the next several weeks.

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Bob Cooney

Another Cooney joined the show when we had Bob Cooney on the air to talk about the Sixers ugly California swing. They lost by more than 40 points each of the last two nights and have shown no effort, energy or defense. The Sixers are in Utah tomorrow night to (thankfully) play their last game before taking a much needed All-Star break vacation. Cooney also talks about some trade possibilities leading up to the trading deadline in two weeks.

Andrew Brandt

ESPN and Sports Illustrated business insider Andrew Brandt joined the show to talk about the Michal Sam story and how he will change the NFL locker room. Brandt does believe that Sam will be drafted and like or not players will have to adjust. Brandt also relives his time with the Eagles when the team decided to sign Mike Vick fresh out of prison and what kind of PR plan is needed. Follow Brandt on Twitter. 

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Phillies broadcaster called in at 5:05 to talk about the changes in the booth. Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs have been officially hired to replace Chris Wheeler and Gary Matthews. T-Mac said that originally the plan was to only hire one person to do the games but CSN quickly changed their minds once auditions took place. T-Mac also said that Kevin Stocker was one of the best candidates, but he had dropped out due to travel and family concerns. T-Mac did have very kind things to say about Stairs and Moyer. T-Mac also talks about the Phillies and their spring training prospects. You can follow T-Mac on Twitter.

Anthony Becht

Former NFL player come on air to talk about his view on the Michael Sam story and if he has ever come across a gay player during his time in the NFL. Becht thinks about 40 percent of NFL players would have to adjust to something new and it would be a bit of a 'curve ball' when dealing with it. Becht also thinks that about 10 percent of players in the NFL would not be OK with this whether based on homophobia or religious beliefs. Very interesting and entertaining segment here with Anthony Becht.

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