Living at the Jersey Shore offers plenty of great food options, but there is nothing better than finding the perfect seafood spot.

Often times when I'm in the mood for seafood, I ask the question, where should we go? For a resort area, by the beach, we have a ton of options to find great fresh fish, crabs, steamed clams, oysters, and more!

My colleague Eddie Davis from our sister station Lite 96.9 came up with a list of great South Jersey seafood markets, places you can go for take-out and bring home for the grill.

I'm going to focus more on places you can sit with your family and friends and have dinner and a night out.

Seafood spots are special, many times the hidden gems are the best spots, but we have such a wide variety of places from fine-dining, the casual, hole-in-the-wall, to your classic picnic table style - South Jersey has great seafood restaurants!

We’ve put together a list of The Best Seafood Restaurants in South Jersey (Atlantic and Cape May County)

There are plenty of great spots to try in South Jersey, here are some of my favorites!

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