So what's next for the Eagles?

At 3-6 the season is virtually over following a embarrassing 38-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.  In the game, Mike Vick was injured opening the door for fans to get their first look at Nick Foles.  While the result wasn't what people had hoped for, it seems fans still want to see what the kid has the rest of the way.

But for the first time in a long time, I am not even sure it matters - the Eagles fans have gone past caring, they now have apathy.  Apathy is the worst thing a franchise can have and the Eagles have it - no question about it.

So where do they go from here?

Most likely, Vick will play if he is willing and able following his concussion.  Andy Reid said after the game that he "absolutely" thinks his team is still alive, "anything can happen" in today's NFL he explained.

What about Foles, he played ok, made some good decisions  made some bad ones, made some real bad ones.  The same reason we couldn't judge Vick fairly is the same reason we can't really judge Foles fairly.

The offensive line stinks and its not going to get any better.

I would probably go to Foles at this point and see what you have, even the most optimistic Eagles fan has given up hope on this season, so go ahead and see what you have with Foles.

From my prospective, Reid's tenure is over and it needs to be regardless of how this team ends the season, which most likely will be unimpressive.  Reid saved his job by winning his final four games  of last season, he will lose his job because he was to stubborn to see what he did last year and the year before doesn't work in today's NFL.

He hired Juan Castillo to be the defensive coordinator and fired him because he put him in position to fail.  He kept Marty Mornhinweg around even though the team has been one of the most predicable, inconsistent offenses in the league.

Reid turned around what was a morbid franchise when Ray Rhodes was fired after the 1998 season, but just like he brought it back from the basement then, he is killing it now.

It's will be a sad ending for Reid, the Eagles will not win a Super Bowl during his tenure, he gave it his best shot, brought the Eagles to new heights, but just like every other coach before him, he failed at winning the last game of the season.

And now, we return to apathy, the worst thing a pro sports team can have.


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