With Dominic Brown gaining most of the attention this spring with his offensive output, it's gotten lost that Freddy Galvis is hitting .284 (21-for-74), with three home runs, two triples and seven doubles this spring. The 23-year-old, who played regularly last year due to injured second baseman Chase Utley, is currently looking to find a position on this team.

So Freddy had an idea! He started shagging balls in the outfield on his own during camp when he was through with the regular, pre-game infield practice. Galvis had never played an inning in the outfield.

But the phillies have now played him in right and left field this spring training, mainly because his hitting, which was looked at a year ago as a liability, has become his strength and the phillies have to find a way to get his bat and speed in the lineup this year.

The Phillies look to open the season with the lefthanded-hitting Laynce Nix and righthanded-hitting John Mayberry Jr. platooning in left field. Unlike Domonic Brown, neither Mayberry nor Nix has won a job with his bat this spring; they have a combined six extra-base hits.

But with Galvis' hitting for both power and average, the phillies look to use him in as many ways as possible to get him in the line-up, whether it be in a pinch-hitting role, giving the middle infielders a day off, or possibly now being a serviceable left fielder. More options for Manager Charlie Manuel as they head into the 2013 season.