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Any thoughts on waiver wire pickups?

Unfortunately for the Phillies (and for a lot of teams, both buyers and sellers), the option for waiver-wire trades has gone away.  Beginning with the 2020 season, all trades were to have been made by July 31 and players must be in an organization to be eligible for a playoff appearance.

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The exception for a trade is if a team trades for a player not on a 40-man roster.  The Milwaukee Brewers made a trade with the Toronto Blue Jays for reliever John Axford after July 31.  Axford was at Triple-A Buffalo and not on the 40-man roster.

There will be players released or outrighted that the Phillies could potentially claim.  Outright waivers give all 30 teams the opportunity to claim a player.  The claim will go to the claiming team with the worst record.

We might see some teams out of the hunt trying to unload some payroll this way since the option of a trade is not there.  But impact players are not likely to change hands this way.  Teams will see their depth tested in these last two months.

If the Phillies really make a run, who could you see at this years “Matt Stairs” for the offense, clearly Gibson is the Blanton!

If I had to vote I would go with Freddy Galvis.  Galvis has yet to make an appearance, but he's getting close.  Galvis loves the Phillies and is absolutely thrilled to be back with the Phillies. (In fact, Orioles GM Mike Elias let Galvis know upon the trade that he's "going home".

I am a big believer in intangibles, and when Galvis begins to play, I think he will feel rejuvenated and that he will provide a big boost.

Since the appearances Galvis makes will often come off of the bench as a pinch hitter, just maybe you'll get a big hit from him.  Galvis loves Philadelphia and his future after this year is unknown.  So I would expect him to make the most of what he has with the Phillies over the five weeks or so he might have on the roster.

This year they may sneak into the playoffs with a flawed roster and minor league system. How can they improve next year defensively (SS, 3B, 1B, CF) and pitching (real shutdown closer)?

I do believe that there will be a focus on defense.  To do so I can see the Phillies making a number of what former Reds and Nationals GM Jim Bowden calls "uncomfortable trades".  Back in 2012, Bowden predicted before the season that the Phillies would miss the playoffs.

By midseason, he spoke of the need to trade some of their core pieces to remain relevant for years to come.  He, of course, was right.

The Phillies might need to make some big moves that fans might not love at first.  Could they trade Rhys Hoskins? Maybe. Could they trade Aaron Nola? I wouldn't be shocked.  I expect a reconstruction of sorts that helps best align who is remaining afterward.

The Phillies are lucky to have one year of Jean Segura left who can play a number of positions.  Could Didi Gregorius move to second base, with Segura moving to third while adding a shortstop? It's possible

Could Alec Bohm change positions?  I could see him in left field.

But these big picture moves are best suited for the offseason.  Dave Dombrowski knows a lot of players out there that might not be on the tips of our tongues but would really help this team.  I think it will be an interesting offseason to watch.

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