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Here is today’s show: Wednesday September 5th, 2012.




Welcome Back Mike Gill

The Sportsbash is LIVE from The Springfield Inn in Sea Isle City for our special Eagles Round Table Show! The season kicks off in a few days and we covered all the bases for this Eagles team in 2012.  Would also like to welcome back Mike Gill in the host's chair today as he finally returned from an extended vacation. Mike enjoyed his time off, went to Baltimore for a few days, but failed to meet his over/under requirement of watching 1 1/2 movies over the break, he only watched "The Social Network."


Kendricks or Cox?

Our first question on our Eagles Round Table Show was focusing on the top two rookies the Eagles drafted in April: Fletcher Cox vs. Mychal Kendricks and who will have a bigger impact? With the Eagles strategy of rotating the defensive line, Kendricks will have more of an opportunity to shine. Our first debate ensues:


Demetress Bell is that bad

A listener submitted a question regarding LT Demetress Bell and whether or not he is in a similar position as Danny Watkins was last year, being it his first time learning the system and perhaps it will take a few games before he'll get inserted in that LT spot. Ryan Messick strongly disagrees, Bell was that bad in the fourth preseason game against the Jets and he can't see a Danny Watkins type-path for Bell this season.  Mike Gill and Todd Ranck disagree, another debate begins:


Jackson and Maclin

In the 3 p.m. hour the guys got in to the "meat and potatoes" of the Eagles 2012 outlook and who will have a more productive season: Jeremy Maclin or DeSean Jackson? Todd has never been a DeSean fan, thinks he's in the majority, and the question quickly turned in to a heated argument for and against DeSean Jackson.


The DeSean Jackson Debate Part II


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. Over/Under 6.5 Wins for Washington Redskins?

2. Over/Under 8.5 Wins for Dallas Cowboys?

3. Over/Under 9 Wins for New York Giants?

4. Over/Under 10 Wins for Philadelphia Eagles?


Eagles Offensive MVP

A listener posed another good question to the panel regarding the Eagles offense this season and what player will be their MVP in hopes of a successful season. Many people would point to LeSean McCoy, he expects a lot of touches, but does it need to be Mike Vick for the Eagles to improve this season and perhaps make a run at the Super Bowl? Mike, Todd and Ryan debate this topic:


Is Vick the Right QB For the Job?

The biggest question heading into this season centers around the QB play of Mike Vick. A listener tweeted in and asked if he is the right QB for the job. Ryan Messick repeated what he said last week in saying that he would take 16 QBS ahead of Vick that would be a better fit for the Eagles. Mike Gill agrees with Messick saying that Vick is a talented player, he just may not be the right fit for Andy Reid and the Eagles.


Top Tweets

It's an NFL Wednesday edition of the Top Tweets of our timeline! Are you an avid NFL fan? How about the 'neck' tattoo? It's all in today's Top Tweets....


Eagles Defensive Line

In the 5 p.m. hour the focus turned the defensive line with Jason Babin and Trent Cole in particular. The 'wide ' scheme returns for a second season and the Eagles defensive line looks to pressure the opposing QB a heck of a lot. Who will have more sacks: Jason Babin or Trent Cole? After those two who will have the best season on the defensive front?


Rapid Fire

Time quickly ran out on our Eagles Round Table 2012. We hit on everything here from Nnamdi Asomugha, to Nate Allen, to Brandon Graham and DeMeco Ryans.


5 Questions

1. Who are the players the Eagles can least afford to lose to injury this season?

2. What are the keys to keeping Mike Vick healthy this season?

3. Should the Eagles reduce the workload of LeSean McCoy?

4. How much of a difference will Boykin and Johnson make on Special Teams?

5. Who will start most games at WLB this season?


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