The trade season is just about here for the Philadelphia Phillies and Ruben Amaro should be busy.

The Phillies, by the count of Jayson Stark should have about seven players that they would like to unload including pitchers Cole Hamels, Aaron Harang and Johnathan Papelbon.

In an appearance on 97.3 ESPN FM for his Stark Report, Jayson Stark talked about the trade market heating up and where a possible trade for Papelon may stand.

"The Phillies have been calling around to team they think might be a fit for Johnathan Papelbon. They would be willing to eat more than a salary than more in the past if it gets them a better player or better players in return," Stark said.

Stark mentions that the Phillies have been trying to trade Ben Revere for a long time now, but haven't been able to make a deal. The Mariners are rumored to be interested, but the asking price has been too high.

Stark also talks about the MLB Draft this week that saw the Phillies draft a high school SS in the first round and a college 2B from Arizona in the second round. Stark believes that Scott Kingery will be the heir to Chase Utley sooner rather than later.

Should baseball look to allow trading of draft picks in the future when the current labor deal expires? How about looking to shorten up the 40 rounds of the draft that the system currently has? Stark answers those questions and more towards the end of the interview and also brings up an interesting new wrinkle to the draft and prospect process in MLB.

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