As the calendar gets ready to turn to September, the summer is officially almost over.  Make sure you get to one of the many great sushi restaurants before the summer ends, its always a great night out.

The fall is often considered on of the best times of year to eat sushi and recently, ranked the top 35 greatest sushi restaurants in the entire state of New Jersey. Three local spots in South Jersey made the list put together by writer Peter Genovese.

These three spots, one from Atlantic and two in Cape May County stood out, making the list of the Top 35 in the entire state of New Jersey.

First up, at no. 33 on the list is Yozu in North Cape May,

One of the freshest-tasting yellowtail came at Yozu. About 40 kinds of rolls are available; the black dragon is topped with seared pepper tuna, imparting a bit of smoke and sass.

Yozu is located at 3845 Bayshore Rd, Cape May in the bayshore mall and is decribed as a "comfortable, contemporary Japanese restaurant offering hibachi-style dining & a wide range of sushi."

Next up, coming in at No. 18 on the list is Sushi Ocean View in Ocean View.

I am in love with the romantic roll at Sushi Ocean View. It’s a spicy crabmeat roll topped mango and caviar, a fruity crunchy sensation. Nearly as good is the lonely angel: black pepper tuna and mango topped with spicy tuna. One sashimi I could not get enough of on my mission: octopus (tako), with its pungent but not overpowering aroma.

Sushi Ocean View is located at 556 Sea Isle Blvd in Ocean View. This is a spot I have been to a few times and I can't agrue, I too really enjoy the black pepper tuna and mango topped with spicy tuna.

Lastly, is one of my favorite spots. Yama in Ventnor, which came in at No. 12 on the list.

Yama offers a bigger selection of sushi/sashimi than most, with king crab, sea urchin and botan (shrimp head) among the choices. The delectable king crab rested comfortably inside a hollowed-out cucumber, and the spicy blue crab roll was covered with black caviar, making for a terrifically tasty topping.

Yama has been my go to spot on the island for years and is definitly a place all sushi lovers have to try.  Yama is located at 305 Atlantic Ave in Ventnor.

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