Maybe it was a bad call, a boneheaded play, or just a brain fart.

What tool of the week stands alone this week for you as the dumbest athlete/person.

It's your chance to chime in or just vent on a referee who ticked you off or a random stranger who cut u off on the road or did something that makes you say, what an idiot! Here are my nominees for this week.

1. Oscar Pistorius ( A neighbor says in court that Oscar was crying by his girlfriends side, asking her to breathe after he just shot her minutes earlier. Huh?!? )

2. Cole Hamels ( Tells us a month ago that there's nothing to worry about with his arm fatigue, then announces this week that he's shutting down his progress for a week before starting over again, but tells us it's not a big problem. Huh?!? )

3. Ken Griffey Jr ( Must have forgotten he was on TV when he did an interview on ESPN with Linda Cohn the other day. One word answers with an attitude and ESPN gave him the platform to promote upper deck cards. Huh?!? )


Who are some of your picks for this week's "Tool of the Week" leave your response below in the comment section and listen to the Friday edition of the Warm-up Show with Todd Ranck.