We all know well Philadelphia fans travel, look no further to the Phillies series with the Mets in London, or many of the Eagles road games over the years.

The Eagles have been one of the NFL’s most consistently competitive teams over the past 25 years, with one of the most passionate fan bases in all of sports. With a passionate fan base. Coupled with a track record of winning, the team sells a ton of merchandise.

Just how much merchandise? More than any team in the NFL according to the NFL Players Association, which released the top-50 players in officially licensed NFL player products and merchandise for the period between March of 2023 and the end of February 2024.

Philadelphia had the top two players and four overall players in the Top 20.

Jalen Hurts ranks No. 1, Jason Kelce No. 2 in NFL jersey sales.

Hurts being the top selling jersey is a mild surprise, but remember this time period starts right after Hurts Super Bowl performance against the Chiefs.

Kelce is less of a surprise, but the fact that he outsold players like Patrick Mahomes, his brother Travis, and Christian McCaffrey is pretty amazing.

Which other two Eagles made the Top 50?

Coming in at No. 17 is wide receiver DeVante Smith, and at No. 21 is his partner, A.J. Brown.

Smith was the fourth highest selling wide receiver,  while Brown was fifth.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Commanders
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Who was the rest of the Top 10 NFL Merchandise sales?

Coming on at No. 6 was Aaron Rodgers of the Jets, followed by Joe Burrow of the Bengals and Brock Purdy of the 49ers. At No. 9 was Cowboys LB, Micah Parsons and Vikings' wide out Justin Jefferson was No. 10.

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