Football isn't rocket science. Sure, their are many intricacies to game, like in depth strategies and complex schemes, as we've seen the game progress over the decades. One principle has remained a constant however, despite the sports evolution, if you constantly turn over the football, you're not going to win many games.....unless you're the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles

At 9-5, the Eagles lead the league in turnovers with 34 on the season. Their 19 interceptions thrown and 15 loss fumbles are both league highs, yet some how they still find themselves four games above .500, with two games remaining. In fact, the Eagles are the only team in the NFL that boasts a winning record, despite turning over the football, more than they take it away. In their 14 games this season, they've only played one game of mistake free football, which came during their 45-21 rout of the Carolina Panthers. If the Eagles do not make the playoffs (which as we currently stand, is a very real possibility), despite the deficiencies in their secondary, their alarming amount of turnovers will be viewed as the proverbial nail in their coffin. They have plagued this Eagles season like a virus, and there seems to be no antibody, no cure.

"We keep coaching not turning the ball over. We keep and keep coaching ball security." Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur told the media this week.

In the first half the season, the turnovers were nullified by special teams and defensive touchdowns, but over the last few weeks, that well has dried up."You can't say we turned it over, but our defense scored so we're OK," Eagles coach Chip Kelly stated. "Every unit is responsible."

Today the Eagles find themselves in a must win situation against division foe, the Washington Redskins. A loss this afternoon, will all but end any hope of this team sneaking in through the back door of the NFL playoffs. Fortunately for the Eagles, the Redskins have only 16 take aways this season, tied for 26th in the league. You would think that would bode well for a team that coughs up the football more often than someone bed ridden with the flu, but given how often we've seen this Eagles team put themselves in precarious situations, it's hard imagine that will change today.

If the Eagles want to avoid a third straight loss, and send their fans into the Christmas Holiday feeling as if the grinch has stole all of their spirit and joy, they must hold onto the football today. Ball Security, Ball Security, Ball Security...(maybe if we all chant it together, it will come true). As I said before, football isn't rocket science, it is still simple in nature, don't give the other team more opportunities to score more points than you. If the Eagles can do that today, they should win, and put even more pressure on the Cowboys to beat the Colts on Sunday. If not...well, at least the new year is right around the corner.