One of the most popular New Jersey resort towns can be found off Exit 4 on the Garden State Parkway. For over 100 years, hundreds of thousands of visitors each year come to The Wildwoods for vacations, events, and the world-famous Wildwood Boardwalk.

Coming to the South Jersey Shore Community are two new resorts that are opening ahead of the 2024 Summer Season. Both properties will embrace the Doo Wop History that Wildwood is known for while also bringing modernized amenities to The Wildwoods.

Madison Resorts opening in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

The property opening first will be Madison Resort Wildwood Crest, which will be located on Ocean Avenue with two properties being combined at Orchid Road.  Madison Resort first acquired Oceanview Motel in 2022 and Royal Hawaiian in 2023.

The two properties have been undergoing multi-million dollar renovations with the projected grand opening for Madison Resort in Wildwood Crest on May 1st. The combined resort property will feature 200 hotel rooms, three restaurants, two pools, two fitness centers, and offering rooftop event spaces.

The former properties are being renamed Royal Tower (formerly Royal Hawaiian) and Ocean Tower (formerly Oceanview Motel). While preserving the vintage Doo Wop heritage for the properties, Madison Resort is also modernizing many amenities for the Wildwood Crest properties.

The second resort property opening this summer will be The Vibes Hotel in Wildwood. Similar to the Madison Resort project, The Vibes will be combining two older properties. The Binns Motor Inn and the Bonito Motel on Spicer Avenue were both purchased for a combined $4,58 million according to a Wildwood Press Release.

Binns Motor Inn to become The Vibes Hotel in Wildwood, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

The new owners are upgrading both properties to modernize the rooms along with adding high-quality furniture and amenities. While maintaining the mid-20th Century Doo Wop vibes (hence the name of the new property), they will be putting a 21st-century enhancement on the retro environment while creating a family-friendly property at the corner of Spicer Avenue and Atlantic Avenue.

These two major resorts opening for the 2024 Summer season are part of several upgrades coming to The Wildwoods this year.  Here is a list of the new properties that will be open this Summer:

*Madison Resort Wildwood Crest
*Seaport Suites
*Oasis by Seaport Stays
*The Vibes Hotel
*MudHen Hospitality’s ‘Hen Houses’
*Mahalo Resorts
*The Hotel Cabana
*Waves Hotel
*The Wild Resort

The Wildwoods Boardwalk in South Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

Also, thanks to grants from the New Jersey Boardwalk Preservation Fund, there will be renovations to the Wildwoods Board in the three boroughs that "the boards" are a part of: North Wildwood, the City of Wildwood, and Wildwood Crest.

The Wildwoods, not your average Jersey Beach town.

Gallery Credit: Dennis Malloy

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