The Instagram video that shows Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts making his first-ever cheesesteak offers all the proof you need that the Eagles' Super Bowl-bound star is not a native Philadelphian.

Early in the video, Hurts, who has just tied on an apron and asked if he can try making a cheesesteak while shooting a Pepsi commercial at a suburban Philly restaurant, asks if he can use mozzarella cheese.

'Mozzarella?", one of the restaurant's cooks at Foodchasers Kitchen in Elkins Park asks in disbelief, "this ain't no pizza shop.'

Hurts changed his order to Cooper sharp and the specialty cheesesteak they now call the "Jalen Special" was born.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, ever since that day, Jalen and the Johnstone twin sisters, Maya and Kala, who own Foodchasers, have become good friends with Hurts, and, often his choice of places to eat.

Hurts even chose Foodchasers as the spot for his victory dinner for friends and family last Saturday after defeating the San Francisco 49ers.

Foodchasers' website tells how the Johnstone sisters, former Philadelphia school principals, created a menu and opened the eatery after dreaming about doing it for years.

After serving in the School District of Philadelphia for twenty years, they decided to take a "leap of faith" and chase their dream of owning a restaurant.

The women even hope to partner with inner-city schools to provide funding for therapeutic calming spaces for students and teachers and offer book scholarships to graduating students.

The Inquirer article is a great read.

I wanted you to see how the Jalen Special" was created that day. Served with fried onions and mayo, it's now on the menu at Foodchasers Kitchen.

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