The 2019 season marks Doug Pederson's fourth year as Eagles Head Coach and it has certainly been a wild ride for the former NFL Quarterback of ten seasons.  His regular season coaching record of 29-19 is even more impressive when you factor in that his Eagles have suffered numerous injuries over the last three years.  Pederson has dealt with 38 players spending time on Injured Reserve from 2016-2018 including 12 players during their Super Bowl Championship season.  Pederson has been a stabilizing leader for an organization that had not had stability in leadership during the four years prior to his tenure and the players have bought into his style of leadership.

Eagles 2001 First Round NFL Draft Pick Freddie Mitchell joined Josh Hennig on Sports Bash Saturday where he gave his perspective on Doug Pederson and the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles:

"(Eagles are) definitely going to the playoffs, I think that it is going to happen.  I just want to see how the Receivers gel, I need to see the defense because we're losing (some guys and) the defense hasn't really gelled (yet).  So I don't care how good your offense is, defense wins championships. - That's what happened with Donovan McNabb as well, defense gave us second and third opportunities to make something happen when we messed up....That's why I love Coach Pederson.  Coach Pederson understands the game and what he does, what he brings as a 'Player's Coach' (having) played (is that) he listens.  He's not a recalcitrant person where he's stubborn as hell, he will go out there and he will understand and he will listen."

Hear more of Freddie Mitchell's conversation with Josh Hennig from Saturday's Vinny Curry Youth Football Camp in Ocean City

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