After a series of traded the Phillies of 2017 might have a much different look then the team that you see out there each and every night. Gone are Cole Hamels, Ben Revere and Jonathan Papelbon and in their place, the Phillies are hoping for the next batch of players to help bring the Phillies back to the World Series.

"I think they did really well," MLB insider Keith Law told me recently on the Sports Bash.

"They got back two guys, maybe three who are in the top 100 in all of baseball, as well as a couple of extra arms thrown in as well that could surface as middle relievers."

With the influx of talent the Phillies now have their major league roster might look a lot different, and a lot better in 2017 then we originally thought back in March before the Phillies made a few trades.

"I like the first two picks they made in the draft this year," Law said about the Phillies farm system. "They did well in the three trades, you add all of that together and they are out of the depth."

Lets take a look at what the 2017 Phillies could look like:

P- Nick Pivetta
P – Elvis Aruajo
P - Alec Asher
P - Hector Neris
P – Tom Windle
P – Albert Tirado
CL – Ken Giles

There are others like Jesse Biddle, Cord Sandberg, Carlos Tocci, Severino Gonzalez, Brandon Leibrandt, Matt Imhof, Victor Arano and more who could be in the mix - but finally the Phillies have options and young players to discuss in the not-so-distant future.

One area the Phillies really need help is at first base, where Joseph, a former catcher, is just 24-years old but injuries have derailed a once promising career.  If he can prove he can handle the position the Phillies have at least one legit prospect ready for the major leagues by 2017.

While Joseph was once acquired to the Phillies catcher of the future, Alfaro is now the guy they hope will be behind the dish in the near future and Law says he really thinks he could be a special player.

"I love the long term upside of Jorge Alfaro," Law said.  "He's a catcher with a top-of-the-line throwing arm, it rivals any throwing arm in professional baseball.  He's got 30 plus home power and potential.  The long-term upside on this guy, if you get even close to what this guys ceiling is, you've got an all-star catcher."

Another player that Law was very impressed with was Thompson, the right-handed power pitcher is a player he thinks could be ready to pitch in the majors as soon as next year if the Phillies choose to bring him up.

"I think he could pitch in a major league rotation next year," Law explained.

The future could be here sooner than most had thought.

(Listen to ESPN MLB Insider Keith Law discuss the Phillies prospects)

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