Heading into action Monday night the Sixers record stands at 38-30 as they head down the stretch in the hunt to clinch a playoff spot.  The 76ers are led in Scoring by Joel Embiid with 23.6 Points Per Game this season as JJ Redick is second at 16.7 PPG.  Even though Ben Simmons is one of the most talent players on the team, he typically looks for him teammates more often on offense then attempting to create his own shot.  Simmons lack of offensive assertiveness leaves an undefined role on the 76ers offense leaving the question of who is the secondary and tertiary scorers after Joel Embiid?

Philadelphia Inquirer Sixers Beat Writer Keith Pompey joined The Sports Bash on Monday discussing who the Sixers scoring options are after Joel Embiid:

“It has to be Dario (Saric) and JJ Redick - There’s a reason why they played JJ 23 million….It just seems like over the last month (Dario Saric) and Ben Simmons have really jelled, they’re really playing great together and Dario has been, at least early in the games, he’s been the go to guy….I think that for the Sixers to be successful we all know that they have to make threes, it starts with JJ Redick, he’s their best three point shooter and we all know that Dario needs to get some threes too because what that does it opens up the spacing for Embiid and then also it makes team play a little bit more honest (defensively).  So those two guys are going to have to be the third and fourth option (offensively) or you might even say that they might have to be the second and third (option) because Ben Simmons is the type of guy who, at this stage in his career, he’s looking to get his teammates more involved than looking for his own shot most of the time.  So I think it’s going to be Embiid, Redick, Dario and then Simmons in regards to Points Scoring.”

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