The Philadelphia Phillies announced they were moving Opening Day to Friday afternoon due to the forecast on Thursday.

Over 40,000 fans are expected to flock to Citizens Bank Park, which is a great place to watch the game.  While they were able to move the game, they haven't moved the "worst seat" at Citizens Bank Park.

A study over at has analyzed the seating arrangements at every Major League Baseball stadium to find the worst seat in every ballpark.

Have you ever sat in the worst seat at Citizens Bank Park?

The study found Citizen's Bank Park's worst seat to be: Section 306, Row 21, Seat 13

Photo: View from my seat
Photo: View from my seat

Overall the seat ranked as the 11th worst seat in Major League Baseball with a cost of $33.

How did they determine the worst seat at Citizens Bank Park? utilizes an algorithm that evaluates six key metrics to identify the least desirable seat in each ballpark.

  • View obstruction from seat
  • Distance from home plate
  • Plate/seat angle
  • Exposure to sun, rain and weather elements
  • Proximity to concessions and restrooms
  • Overall comfort

So what is the worst seat in all of Major League Baseball?

It was determined by the study that the very first seat at Fenway Park is actually the worst seat to sit in to watch a game. If you have ever sit in Section 1, Row 1, Seat 1 in the right-field grandstand at Fenway Park, you have been in the worst seat in baseball.

Nothing like watching a game with a pole right in front of you and between your legs.

Wrigley Field in Chicago has a similar "worst" seat with Section 428, Row 1, Seat 2.

via Boston Red Sox
via Boston Red Sox

Check out full list of the worst seats in MLB here.

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