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Sal Pal

Sal Paolantonio from ESPN calls in to talk with Mike and Matt every Friday at 3:05. Sal Pal previewed this huge game on Sunday which he will be covering for ESPN at 4:25. He does have the Eagles winning this game because he believes that the Eagles can continue to get that running game going, especially in the redzone. But can the Eagles contain Russell Wilson? How will the wide receivers fare against a physical, Richard Sherman led secondary? We'll find out Sunday on 97.3 ESPN FM.

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Tom Wassell

Provided us with The Outside View on the Seahawks. Wassell is with 710 ESPN in Seattle and told Mike and Matt that the Eagles really need to keep these Seattle receivers covered because once Wilson gets out of the pocket, that is where he is most dangerous. Wassell also gave us the viewpoints of his listeners on 710 ESPN on Mark Sanchez and Pete Carroll, the two USC Trojans facing off.  Follow Wassell on Twitter.

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