Barrett Brooks

On with Mike Gill and Matt Segal for a breakdown of Eagles/Cowboys from Sunday night. The defense did not look good digging a 21-0 hole. The offense brought things back, but failed to match the Cowboys offense in the 2nd half. The Eagles, according to Brooks, do not have the QB on the roster and need to do some work in the offseason with this roster as there are clear deficiencies on both sides of the ball. Here is a bit of the conversation with Super Bowl champion Barrett Brooks.

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Geoff Mosher

On the Eagles 38-27 loss to the Cowboys. Mosher broke some news in saying that Trent Cole fractured his hand last night and could be out for the rest of the season. 27 points was not enough last night, they didnt run enough plays and were not able to counter punch, throwing a silly INT late in the game. According to Mosher, the Eagles defense has always been susceptible and it's not a surprise. Tony Romo was a huge difference and factor last night as opposed to Thanksgiving.

5 Questions

1. Whos' the better celebrity to have a fan of your team? Chris Christie or Bradley Cooper?

2. Who's offense would you rather have: Eagles or Cowboys?

3. Would you call it a less than 50% chance Birds don't make playoffs?

4. Johnny Manziel debut?

5. Saints/Bears...whoyagot?