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Phil Sheridan

Talks with Mike Gill and Matt Segal about the Eagles quarterback situation and where the team goes from here. Sheridan talked with Sanchez today at practice and one of the topics touched on was Sanchez' tasks of learning the right way to read-option in this offense. Sheridan also talks about the future of Nick Foles and whether or not he'll be here next season. Sheridan believes that Foles could still be here, just unsure as to what capacity. Also on the offensive line and what level they'll be at without Todd Herremans. Follow Sheridan on Twitter.


Derrick Mason

With Mark Sanchez now your Eagles starter, what better opportunity to catch up with one of his former Jets teammates. Derick Mason, longtime NFL receiver, talked with Gill and Segal about how Sanchez will do now as the starter. Mason thinks he'll thrive and that he's heading in the right direction. What happened in NY is that they asked him to throw the ball too much and it was the inconsistent play that got him benched and ultimately released. Mason is currently a BTN in studio analyst and 102.5 The Game analyst in Nashville.

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