I understand, 12 plays, two injuries and people are panicking all over the Delaware Vally.

I am here to try and calm you down.

Listen I get it, Mike Vick needs to be more careful at times when he is about to take a hit, but think about it, if you were playing football at that level, instincts take over - or at least they should.

Andy Reid doesn't seemed concerned, so why should your or I?

“Listen, I’m really not [concerned]," Reid conceded.  "I wish [he] would have had more, he wished he would have had more, but we go in and you play. That’s what you’re dealt and he’s dealt and you go play. I think he’ll be fine as we go through this thing.”

In the preseason opener, Vick lasted six plays before banging his left thumb on a helmet. In the second preseason game, he made it through six plays again before sustaining a rib contusion.

Both plays were somewhat freak incidents.

Andy Reid took what seemed like 100 questions regarding his quarterback today at his press conference saying there was virtually no chance that Reid would not miss.

“No. Really, in-season, you’d probably have him in there for the game. As I’m standing here today, unless I’m drastically changing something, I’m not going to play him [the rest of the preseason].”

He continued saying that he had no issue with the play that Vick ended up getting injured on in the Patriots game.

“He was trying to make somebody miss, and he wheeled backwards about 15 yards. He had an available receiver down the field, and he was trying to make a play. To tell him that he can’t make that throw, you’re not going to tell him that. You just want everyone to do their job so that that doesn’t happen back there. It was when he spun around that he got caught with that.”

Seems like Reid was more concerned with the lack of protection from the offensive line more then he is disappointed with Vick.

So what does Reid think Vick needs to do to remain healthy all season?

“He’s got to play. There is a fine line here because he has to continue to play the game. It’s a violent sport where you’re going to get injuries. If you’re out there worried about that part of it, you’re not going to perform to the best of your ability. Then, you have to catch a break here or there. You have to catch a break in a positive way where you’re not absorbing the big hits.”

Either way, I am excited to see Vick play and I am not worried about injury, freak things happen all the time and I think that's been the case with Vick.

While in Atlanta, during his six seasons, Vick stared 15 games three times and 16 games once.  The two other seasons, Vick broke his leg and missed 11 games, the other season he was a rookie and appeared in just eight games, starting two.

Translation, injuries haven't been a real big problem for Vick in the past and I am not really worried about it in the future.

So can we expect Vick to play against the Jets next week?

“I’ll cross that bridge when I get there," Reid explained.  "Right now, I’m leaning away from that but if I did decide to go that way then I would go that way. But right now, I’m leaning away from that.”