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Friday, December 14th 2012.

Eagles Lose and Turn the Ball Over

Mike and Todd open up the show talking all about the Eagles Thursday Night Football loss last night and how a team that was leading 13-10 in the 3rd quarter winds up getting beat 34-13 in the end. The Eagles turned the ball over 5 times last night leading to 31 Bengals points. QB Nick Foles seemed to regress last night and Bryce Brown fumbled yet again.

6-Pack of Picks

Mike Gill (25-15-2): Jaguars -7, Steelers -1.5, Giants -1

Todd Ranck (25-16-1): Broncos -3, Steelers -1.5, Patriots -4.5

Pete's Picks

Pete’s Picks returns for another season on The Sportsbash. This year Mike and Todd go head-to-head in a match up of Sunday NFL games.

Mike Gill (34-28-3): 34-28-3

Todd Ranck (30-32-3): 30-32-3

1. Bucs +4 @ Saints

2. Vikings +3 @ Rams

3. Colts +9.5 @ Texans

4. Jets +1.5 @ Titans

5. Seahawks -6 @ Bills

Mike Gill: Bucs, Rams, Texans, Jets, Bills

Todd Ranck: Saints, Vikings, Colts, Titans, Bills

Frank Vogel

The Sixers play the Pacers tonight in Indiana and Wildwood native Frank Vogel is the head coach of the Pacers. Vogel talked about his time growing up in Wildwood and about his 12-12 Pacers thus far. Vogel said his team is much like the Sixers in that they are without a big time scorer in Danny Granger. Catch Sixers vs. Pacers tonight at 7 on 97.3 ESPN FM.

Free Agents for Eagles

With the Eagles season all but over, Mike and Todd go over a list of free agents coming up in the 2013 off season. The Eagles should have a brand new coaching staff next season, but how many new players will they have? Mike and Todd discuss:

Dave Weinberg

Eagles writer for the Press of Atlantic City called in and talked about last night's Eagles loss and what he thought of Nick Foles. Weinberg thinks that Foles does need some competition next season at camp, he's not sold on Foles just yet. Also, Weinberg says the Eagles need to target a big play WR in the draft. Follow Weinberg on Twitter.

Top Tweets

A Friday edition of top tweets.

Ryan Messick

Mike and our Eagles insider Ryan Messick talked about the game last night. Messick sees a definite problem with Bryce Brown and his fumbling problems. He also talked about Nick Foles and what his biggest strengths and weaknesses are. Follow Ryan Messick on Twitter.

5 Questions

1. Will the Eagles get another interception this year?
2. Who do you blame for the Eagles 2-season long turnover problem?
3. Worst Eagles loss since…?
4. You have a must-win game to get into the playoffs: Eli Manning, Tony Romo, RG-3, Michael Vick or Nick Foles?
5. Maurice Clarett book – do we need to do something about college sports infractions?

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