In today's world of Social Media and Streaming, we have immediate access to endless content that seems to demand our attention.  But something "old fashioned" like Reading has numerous benefits that many people are missing out on.

There are many studies about how reading helps brain health, helps to improve vocabulary for communication and writing, improves cognitive function, and can help lower blood pressure. Every summer when I go to the beach, I see people reading books.

Whether the individual is laying on a blanket or sitting in a beach chair, as I walk past on the beach I like to see what people read every summer.  For myself, I try to read a book every month, whether it is consuming an audiobook or sitting down at night to read.

But my go-to for reading is Non-Fiction.  I enjoy doing a deep dive into a Biography or Motivational style memoir.  I enjoy some fictional works, but I am a big fan of learning something new about the world and history along with the people and places who comprise those stories.

So this summer, whether you want to open a book at the beach or you want to relax by the pool, I have some new book recommendations for you to check out.  Whether you want the book in your hands or listen to an audiobook, all of these recommendations can be consumed via both mediums.

These book recommendations come from the worlds of Sports, Life Motivation and Inspiration, History, Star Wars, Professional Wrestling, and more!

20 Non-Fiction Reading Recommendations For Summer 2024

Whether you are someone who made a New Year's resolution to do more reading or you are looking for some new reading recommendations when you hit the beach, I have 16 titles you should get your hands on. I have perused 50 non-fiction books over the last five years and this list reflects some of my biggest interests: Sports, History, Movies, and the Who, What, How, Why of the biggest names in our world today.

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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