It's National Bagel Day!

January 15 is National Bagel Day, but I for one could celebrate this day every day, especially with some of the great bagel shops in the area.

Everyone knows New Jersey has some of the best bagels in the country.

While many of the bagel shops ranked Peter Genovese of listed as the best 51 in New Jersey, are from up north, there were three from the Jersey Shore region that made the list.

Everyone has their go-to spot for a great bagel and a cup of coffee, but check out one of these spots.

Here are the three great bagel shops in our area that made the list for National Bagel Day!

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Coming in at No. 42 on the list is Hot Bagels & More, which has five locations in the area including Northfield, Somers Point, Atlantic City and two in Margate.

The pork roll, egg and cheese at Hot Bagels & More features an uber-thick slice of meat, the cheese above it, the egg below.

Next up at No. 12 on the list is over in Ocean City, Dead End Bakehouse.

It is a plain bagel, yes, with maple whiskey spread at Dead End Bakehouse. It may have been my favorite spread of the dozens sampled on this mission. Not too strong of a maple flavor, not too strong on the whiskey end (okay, I wish it were stronger there), it was a simple, sensational spread.

Coming in the Top 5 of the greatest bagel shops in the state of New Jersey is Avalon Coffee Co., which has four locations in Cape May County.

I think I’ve found the biggest bagels in the great bagel state of New Jersey. The bagels at Avalon Coffee are monstrous, and outrageously soft and chewy besides. A pork roll egg and cheese on a plain bagel proved near-perfect; it would have placed high on my list of the state’s 20 best Taylor ham/pork roll egg and cheese sandwiches if I had sampled it earlier.

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