Police in Marlton, Evesham Twp. want to identify and find two men involved in an assault on a 7-Eleven store clerk.

The attack reportedly happened just before 11 p.m. Tuesday night at the 7-Eleven at Meetinghouse Square shopping center off Greentree Road in Evesham, according to Courier Post.

After being refused a sale of vaping products, two men are accused of threatening the clerk and then going behind the counter where they knocked him to the floor and punched him several times. The suspects, who also reportedly stole from the store, were armed, according to Evesham Twp. Police.

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The clerk was hurt so badly he had to be taken to an area hospital and treated for his injuries.

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Luckily, the suspects were caught by surveillance cameras. One is described as tall and thin with light hair. The other reportedly has dark hair and a beard. Both were wearing dark-colored hoodie sweatshirts and carried backpacks.

If you can provide Evesham Twp. Police Department with any information that would assist their investigation, call 856-983-1116. There's also a Confidential Tip Line available by calling 856-983-4699.

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