Over the past few weeks, the biggest thing most of the tri-state area has been talking about is Mary Lee, that 3,500-pound great white shark prowling the New Jersey coastline. But, big Mary isn't the only predator stalking our shores.

Take a look at this massive 820-pound Mako shark caught over the weekend off Cape May. The Philadelphia-based crew motored out of South Jersey Marina came within 36-pounds of breaking a 21-year-old state record when they caught this massive shark.

Read the entire adventure from their perspective here, compliments of Philly.com.

The entire ordeal, from heading out into the choppy Atlantic to bringing the shark ashore, lasted nearly 19 hours. The crew was in search of Yellowfin tuna and scouting sharks for next month's Shark Tournament. The only drawback for these guys, had they caught the massive shark during the tournament, they would have scored roughly $250,000.

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