The Phillies selected right-handed pitcher Mick Abel, a high school pitcher from Jesuit HS in Oregon with the 15th pick of the 2020 MLB Draft.

He has been described as a pitcher with a mid 90s with a fastball, a slider, a curve and a change, throwing all four of his pitches for strikes.

“I’m definitely hoping we’re going to get a guy that has four pitches that are quality and are going to get major league hitters out," Phillies director of scouting Brian Barber said during a zoom call. 

Over the years the Phillies have had some very good first-round picks, with Chase Utley and Cole Hamels at the top of that list and some not so good ones, like Larry Greene, Anthony Hewitt, Zach Collier among others.

Here is a look at the Phillies first-round picks over the past 20 years.

Phillies First-Round Picks Since 2000

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