After several seasons of struggle, the Philadelphia 76ers finally appear poised to take that next step forward and begin their climb back to contention.

In the mind of many (myself included), playoffs are not out of the picture for the Sixers next season, and Sixers legend and Basketball Hall-of-Famer Allen Iverson, for one, sees the light at the end of the tunnel for the Sixers.

Iverson had the following response when asked about the Sixers in a recent interview with Bleacher Report:

"Hell yeah [I see the light at the end of the tunnel]. Man, we just got the No. 1 pick [Ben Simmons]. [Joel] Embiid showed what he can do this year. We've got other role-playing guys on that squad and I be at a lot of games. And they lose a lot of games. They don't get blown out a lot of games like they had been in the past, and that's when you can see the growth.

They have a great coach in Brett Brown, and the atmosphere is always good there, because Sixer fans love basketball. You've just got to be patient with them. Our best player is hurt. Embiid went through injuries all season after not playing in a couple seasons. So, you add that veteran presence, a couple guys that been there, done that, know the ropes, and you put them with that young talent, the sky's the limit for us."

Though it hinges on health, with Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Dario Saric, and other upcoming additions, the Sixers are hoping to recapture - and even exceed - the success that the organization experienced during Iverson's heyday.

The Sixers may not be completely out of the proverbial tunnel yet, but the tangible payoff from 'the process' is on the horizon.

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