We’ve been crushing on Amanda Seyfried for the better part of the last decade, ever since she stole a few scenes from her more famous co-stars in ‘Mean Girls.’ Her career has taken off in a big way since then, and she’s now at the top of the A-list, which brings big roles, awards, acclaim and, of course, regular gossip about her personal life!

The latest news concerns Seyfried’s love life (shocker!), with reports claiming that she’s dating ‘Dexter’ co-star Desmond Harrington. The two were seen hiking together recently, which we all know is the sexiest of all outdoor outings, right next to bird watching and biking.

Seyfried’s return to the gossip columns reminded us of how much we’re looking forward to her Linda Lovelace biopic, ‘Lovelace,’ in which she plays the famous ‘Deep Throat’ porn actress. There are rumors about the Seyfried filming several nude scenes for the flick, which is probably the biggest reason we’re anticipating its release (breasts!). But until then, you can catch Seyfried in the recent sci-fi DVD release ‘In Time’ and ogle her photos.