A deeper look at the Philadelphia Eagles team statistics this season shows that despite a majority of the roster returning for the 2018 season, the team is under-performing in many areas compared to last year.  The Eagles Offense is scoring just 20.9 Points Per Game this season which is 7.7 less than the 2017 team while they are only 19th in the NFL in Total Yards this year; by contrast, the 2017 Eagles Offense was Seventh in the league in Total Yards while scoring 28.6 Points Per Game (Third Best in the NFL in 2017).  On the other side of the ball, the Eagles are 29th in the NFL in Turnovers Forced this season and just 15th in Points Against.  Compare that to the 2017 season when the Eagles were Fourth Best in the NFL in Turnovers Forced along with Fourth Fewest Points Allowed in the league last season.

ESPN NFL Analyst Mike Clay joined Josh Hennig on Saturday discussing how the Eagles inability to force turnovers on defense has hurt their offense:

"You can determine basically 50 percent of a team’s win total just on Turnover Margin, that is so important in the NFL. The Eagles were near the top of the NFL in that category last season, not turning the ball over (plus) forcing turnovers - a great combination. This season they are not forcing takeaways on the defensive side of the ball. They did not do a good enough job in the offseason addressing a Secondary that was clearly a weak spot and other teams took notice. Offenses came out and attacked....Jalen Mills and Ronald Darby, even when they were healthy, they were picked on non-stop. Both of them were near the top of the league in Cornerback targets; So now (the Eagles are) injury plagued on that side of the ball - The fact that (the Eagles Defense) are not forcing takeaways and setting up Carson Wentz with good field positioning....(If he) has to go all of 80 yards or 75 yards almost every drive, you're not gonna score a ton of points. - There are underlying issues here but I think forcing takeaways is the best way for them to get the season (back) on track.”

Hear what Clay had to say about Eagles' Front Office not doing enough to sure up the Secondary before the 2018 season, perspective on the Cowboys win over the Saints on Thursday Night, what the Redskins bring to Monday Football matchup with Eagles, and more NFL talk

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