Phillies second baseman Chase Utley took soft-toss and fielded grounders prior to games this week.  Utley could begin a rehab assignment as soon as next week, but it could be used as a way to attract teams to make a trade for the 37-year old.

According to's Alden Gonzalez the Angels are "monitoring" the rehab of Utley who was hitting just .179 with four homers before going on the disabled list. The Phillies have indicated that Cesar Hernandez will continue to start at second base even after Utley returns.

So with that news, would Utley be willing to waive his no-trade clause or does he intend to play his entire career with the Phillies?

(Listen to Phillies Broadcaster Gregg Murphy on the Sports Bash)

"This is evolving," Stark said.  "I think now, Chase is going to wind up getting traded in August. I've heard through the grape-vine now that Chase thinks the injury was misdiagnosed. They feel like the rest and rehab program have fixed him and when he comes back he is going to be Chase Utley again."

"If that's true they have three teams interested in dealing for him, lof of Angels talk, I would watch the Yankees on him."

Will Chase waive his no-trade clause?

Time will tell...but my guess is he would and we could be seeing the final days of Utley in a Phillies uniform.