At 12:54 in the morning,  I saw this tweet from @CSNBaggs: "KPIX-TV is reporting that the#Giants have a "deal in place" for Hunter Pence, pending ownership approval."

The story came from KPIX in San Francisco sports Director, Dennis O’Donnell, that the Phillies and Giants have a deal in place to send Hunter Pence to San Francisco.  No names were mentioned in coking back to Philadelphia at this time but names Phillies fans will want to look for are OF Gary Brown and 2B Joe Panik - two of the better prospects in the Giants system.

According to a tweet by Jon Heyman from the rumor has been denied by the Giants.

I am torn on what to do with Pence.

He is a secondary player, he is the Phillies version of Andre Iguodala in that he is a very good third best player on your team, but not the guy you can build your team around.  The Phillies need to decide weather or not they are just having one of those years, or is this core group of guys in decline.

What's your take?  Should the Phillies trade Hunter Pence?